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The Lands Council: Gray wolves, cattle and GIS 29 July 2019
Gray wolves were nearly eradicated from the state of Washington in the early 1900s. Though classified as an endangered species in the state in 1980, it wasn’t until 2009 that a breeding pair were observed in Washington. Conservation efforts are ongoing – yet, you might not imagine that these efforts would involve layered vegetation maps built in GIS
Bromeliad Borne: Data between the leaves of a miniature aquatic ecosystem 19 March 2019
Trudging through the "restinga" in southern-Brazil requires a suite of accompanying equipment. Full body coverage is necessary to stave off clouds of mosquitoes roving the forest: A mosquito jacket (though smaller biters may still get through), rubber


An Ocean of Data is a collection of stories investigating how researchers and organizations use data to further their work. It is written by Alathea Letaw, founder and data scientist at Lutris Analytics in Spokane, WA.

Lutris Analytics provides data analysis and visualization services to non-profit organizations and researchers.

Alathea is an alumnus of the University of British Columbia where she earned her doctorate in Ecology.

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